Upon given the authorization by our client to proceed with a project, we are fully aware that the amount of time expended from start to completion of the design process calculates into dollars.  Any failure to meet established deadlines ultimately costs the owner money and reflects negatively on the reputation and image of everyone associated with the design team.

If a project schedule has been established for a project, it will be the project coordinator's responsibility to confirm that the work will be completed within the allotted timeframe.  The schedule will include milestones indicating critical dates in the stages of the project completion.  If at any time the project coordinator determines that a project deadline cannot be met, the owner will be informed immediately of the reason and our proposed plan to correct the delay.

It will further be the project coordinator's responsibility to review documents (where applicable) and other project information provided, and inform the owner of any conflicts, ambiguities, or code compliance issues as soon as possible.

Measuring performance is based on delivering our services on time and within budget.  We measure our success by our ability to build long-term client relationships and contribute to their long-term success.

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